About Us

Salisbury Homeopathy College has been successfully educating students in the philosophy and practice of homeopathy for over 15 years. From the very beginning it has been our aim to educate our students to a level of confidence and competence in order that they be the best practitioners that they can be. Our students and graduates are encouraged to advance and protect their profession, to become actively involved in the homeopathic community and to maintain safe practice.

We offer courses to suit all desired levels of knowledge, from safe home prescribing for family and pets right up to the Higher Education level 6 Licentiate programme. We also offer courses and opportunities to post-graduates. Our Licentiate Programme course is recognised by the Society of Homeopaths as meeting high standards of professional practitioner education.


The Principal is Annie Batchelor, BA Hons PGCE MCH RSHom.

SHC where we treat and respect everybody as an individual;where we work in co-operation with each other;  where we aim for confident, professional homeopathic practitioners.


The company is Salisbury Homoeopathic College Ltd
Registered address 60 Wagstaff Way, Salisbury, Wilts, SP2 9BF
Trading as Salisbury Homeopathy College

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