NEW CPD WORKSHOP: Thyroid Health with Rowena Paxton, Nutritionist. 25 May 9.30am-1pm

We’re delighted to welcome back the hugely appreciated nutritionist, Rowena Paxton.

Rowena will be discussing effective tests, relevant aetiology, nutrition and lifestyle and their effects on thyroid function.  This information will be especially helpful to homeopaths looking to support their patients with an integrated approach. However, it would be relevant to all therapists, or laypeople particularly interested in nutrition and thyroid health.

With Rowena Paxton Dip, mBANT, CNHC, recipe developer for the Food Doctor, author, tutor and nutritionist.

Salisbury, 25 May, 9.30am to 1pm.  Cost – £30.

To book your place please email:

Rowena Paxton

Rowena Paxton

New Course 9-10 June for ‘Advanced Beginners’!

We’re delighted to announce a new course running the weekend of 9-10 June in Salisbury.

  • Would you like to know more about homeopathy?
  • Have you already attended our ‘Beginning Homeopathy’ course and want to know more?
  • Maybe you’re not quite ready to step into the full one year or four year programme? Or maybe you’d just like to know more for your own use at home?
  • Then our ‘Advanced Homeopathy’ Weekend Course is for you!  More details here.


  • You will be
    • enabled to look after yourself, friends and family
    • guided through how to observe accurately
    • able to find remedies from your own observations and guided questions
    • able to make records and keep your notes in a systematic way
    • kept safe by developing an awareness of serious situations
    • Able to appreciate how we get sick and how to maintain our wellbeing
  • Our experienced and passionate teachers will give you the right start, whilst you meet other like-minded people on your journey.
  • Comprehensive course notes are provided.



  • The course continues from the Beginning Homeopathy 2 day course, and runs two full days – usually at weekends.
  • Attendance on the Beginning Homeopathy Course is usually a pre-requisite.

New Website coming soon – please bear with us!

Getting creative - new website

Getting creative – new website soon – bear with us

We’re tickled pink!  We have a new website coming soon which means YOU will get to find out more about what YOU want to know about OUR COURSES!

We’re thinking STREAMLINED, CLEAR, BEAUTIFUL and EASIER to navigate.  You will be able to find courses, events, talks, CPD and more and be able to book courses online.  We’ll be able to tell you clearly what we’re up to, and hopefully you’ll want to SHARE it with ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

The downside? Well, it’s not ready this instant. Nope. Not quite yet. Beautiful things take time to be crafted, so bear with us and then we’ll have it uploaded in a jiffy (or two)!  Meanwhile we ask for your patience with this site that is, well, groaning and creaking under the weight of information and less up to date technology.

If there’s information you want, but can’t find (or can’t find quickly enough), just email our lovely team at which will work till we get things tickety-boo.  Thank you.

New Teaching Clinics for 2018

Teaching ClinicWe are so delighted to be able to offer NEW LOW-COST teaching clinic spaces for patients and students in 2018!

Starting this month, SHC is now running our established teaching clinic based in Salisbury on Wednesdays as well as Fridays. The new service will be available one Wednesday a month, 9.30am to 2.30pm in addition to our popular Friday clinic from 12pm to 6pm.  The demand for homeopathy appointments has grown, along with a need to ensure our growing number of students have practical, professional training on a regular basis.

Patients benefit from low-cost treatment from experienced, professional homeopaths.  A small number of our more experienced students and postgraduates ‘sit in’ in order to learn more, whilst maintaining a respectful, confidential atmosphere.   The costs are low, with £40 for a first consultation and £20 for the monthly follow up.

Contact our Clinic Co-ordinator on 02380 869797 for an informal chat if you want to find out more, or book an appointment on the same number.  Or simply use the contact form on the link below.

More details can be found here.

New CPD and Events Programme coming soon for 2018!

Creative Events and CPD at Salisbury

Creative Events and CPD at Salisbury

We love the colour and smiles in this picture from one of our CPD days for professional homeopaths!

This week we’re meeting to put our plans for our 2018 CPD events into action!  These will range from lectures for large groups with guest speakers, to small group workshops and supervision from our in-house team of experienced homeopaths. We’ll also be going firm on our introductory course programme for the year to come with dates in SalisburyHighworthWitney and more!

Would you like to be kept up to date? Just drop us your email address using the link on this form!

We’d love to see you there!

It’s not too late to learn… or join!

Late enrolment (4)Have you ever wondered if you’ve “missed the boat”? That it’s too late to learn, or that you’re too late to join a course this academic year.  Well, you’re not too late but rather just in time with us at Salisbury Homeopathy College.

We strongly believe in teaching you to fish.  Remember the adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”?  Well, sticking with our boat metaphor, the ship has not sailed (another pun, sorry!) on your chance to learn a skill that will not only last you for a lifetime, but will INSPIRE you for a lifetime.  Homeopathy has kept our lecturers engaged, enthused and even young as it has inspired us all through its wonder and continual ability to teach us all to be better people… it’s not just about the working one to one with clients, which is such a privilege, but through opening our hearts and minds to engage with this incredible philosophy we all become wiser and richer participants in the life we live.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility during our teaching programme, to help meet the individual needs of all of our students. Individual, tailored tutor support and supervision throughout helps us to stay on top of and to meet our students’ needs. We can even be flexible with our enrolment. Which means that you can join us even in November.

If you’d like a taste – a chance to join us – then why not come along on 11 November? You need to book your place – so visit our ‘Open Day’ page to register for the first time or renew your connection with us. We’d love to see you here!

Changing seasons, time for new adventures

Autumn is here

Autumn is here

It’s a bright sky-blue day and the sun is already moving on a lower pathway – I am squinting into the sun as I drive to my practice office this morning. The colours of autumn are starting to show. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we witness this change.  The colours always strike us afresh.  This makes me ponder the nature of change itself and are we like the trees?

I mean, this equinox sets us up for the next big season, winter.  It’s a gradual introduction as the day length shortens and the temperature cools.  At our latitude this takes a while, we adapt slowly to the idea of winter.  One patient said to me this week that she couldn’t bring herself to wear jeans instead of shorts.  What’s your tell-tale sign of adaptation?  Mine is definitely socks.  Oh, how I want to not be bothered with the wretched things, bought in pairs but never to be matched again once washed!  But my little rebellion to a summer gone and the thought that a whole nine months has to pass before the real warmth returns is short lived

Pesky socks - my own adaptation to autumn

Pesky socks – my own adaptation to autumn

The glimpses of oranges, crimsons and ochres compensate for my churlishness.  A cosy feeling begins to creep in – looking forward to longer evenings when I can get down to some proper reading.  Some homeopathy books just didn’t quite make it on to my holiday reading list! I don’t have a real fire, but the idea of a few hours to indulge in tracking down ideas and writing up notes is not only appealing but more do-able.  No siren from the garden calling out to ‘look at me’.

Like the trees we can change our colours too, begin fresh projects and carry the actual growth from summer into our winter as inner growth.  New information, inspiration awaits you here.  There is still time to join us in our transformational journeys, travelling vast continents of our own possibilities.  It’s not too late to see your colours change and sew your seeds of new growth.

Our new course for first years doesn’t start until October 14th – there is still time to find out more, or even visit us on the first day of term.  The course is part-time, flexible and we have one-to-one tutor sessions to help you to get the most from your learning, whatever your previous experience and whatever you are currently juggling in life.  No matter how busy you feel you are now, or the changes that are taking place for you at present, maybe you are called to learn more about natural health, well-being and homeopathy.  Why not take a first step to find out if this could be the start of a new change, perfect for you.  We would love to meet you.

Annie x

Annie Batchelor, RSHom, Salisbury Homeopathy College Principal

We’re Ready!

Yes, we are irrepressible because Friday’s clinic is the start of the new academic year.  Plans made, lectures prepped, and even, most importantly, new stationery bought for lectures on Saturday and Sunday.  For the devoted to stationery, this time of year is a blessing, and we are amongst the devoted.  Added to that excitement we are shortly to have even more technology so that all staff and students can use the overhead projectors.  I know, stunning news.

Wow! New Stationery!

Wow! New Stationery!!! (Contain yourself)

So, if you haven’t already booked yourself onto our Beginning Homeopathy course – 23-24 September or even made the first step to study for a year’s course or more (starting October) please fill in the form on this website and start your next chapter of life learning with us.

What do you love about new beginnings?  For me, it’s that delicious feeling of a blank screen or paper filled with nothing but possibilities.  And possibilities are where ideas come from.  Giving ourselves permission to make creative space is valuable, in itself.  The break away from our normal routine is like a breath of fresh air.

Learn homeopathy - A Breath of Fresh Air

A breath of fresh air

Come and breathe and be, and find your inner homeopath.


Annie x

Annie Batchelor RSHom, Principal.

Back to School – Autumn Blog from our Principal, Annie Batchelor

Is it me or does the new term come around earlier each year?  For those of us with little ones starting nursery or Primary School, or older children going ‘up to big school’ this time of year is full of expectation and anticipation.  At SHC we are sharing your feelings as we prepare for our new academic year and all our activities planned for 2017/18.

Back to College

Back to College

As Autumn approaches the smells in the air change; the light begins to fade as sunset creeps in earlier each day.   These seasonal reminders of change are music to a homeopath’s ear.  It is the seasons that beg us to yield to change.  We might still long for lazy beach days, or mornings without the alarm but sure as eggs are laid the time is here to start again.

The emotional flow in Autumn can sometimes catch us out, as we drop off the kids at school with that well known mix of relief and regret.  The gardeners among us are busy gathering in the harvest, tut tutting over a poor crop or a glut of beans.  All the while knowing that as soon as we get used to wearing socks and jumpers we will delight in frosty mornings again.

Study Homeopathy - old books, new technology

Study Homeopathy – old books, new technology

So what has all this to do with homeopathy?  Simply put we practice the gentle art of supporting reactions to change.  Some children relish going back to school, some don’t.  Some undergraduates, accustomed to the easy living at home, haver over their courses and flat and friends.  New terms also herald a raft of new inoculations for some that bring anxiety and dread.  Many a parent will contact me this week and this month with a lump in their throat as the drift to school and university continues.  Some of us deal well with parting and separation and some don’t.  Homeopathy offers a subtle and gentle tool for helping us over the humps in the road.  Having emotions is great and it’s normal, but occasionally we need help as the partings resonate with a painful memory that we simply cannot shift.

Studying homeopathy  at SHC ,whether to become a professional or to enjoy using homeopathy at home with a short course, gives you an understanding of human nature and suffering.  Being able to put experiences into an individual’s context and see how you can help is a key to developing your homeopathic thinking.

Anything is possible!

Anything is possible!

Guided by experienced professionals you will learn how our body and mind works, what’s normal and what’s an important symptom that needs attention.  We offer an integrated view of all things human and a holistic approach to health and illness.  Helping someone through a difficult new term can be to avoid getting sick later. So a little help at the beginning of a new season can help us ‘prime the pump’ as the demands of the week increases and we all adapt to the end of the year, which as we all know is really the beginning!

We would love to meet you! Do browse our website to find out more.

Annie Batchelor BA RSHom

Principal, Salisbury Homeopathy College