SOH awards SHC re-recognition

We're Delighted! (1)SHC is delighted to be re-recognised by the Society of Homeopaths for another 5 years. This is a rigorous check on the course and the college to ensure it delivers a professional course for students. It has also been ratified by the Professional Standards Agency.

The report says “Your collaborative and collegiate approach to the education of homeopaths shines throughout your application for re-recognition.” And “This application describes the provision of a course that has sound foundations and a mature quality, despite its relatively short existence. The Salisbury team are clearly not only experienced, but totally dedicated to the education of competent, professional homeopaths.”


The end of the academic year!

What a fabulous weekend we’ve just had!  Our teachingSHC Cream tea jul 2016 compressed year culminated in our annual July cream tea, held in our beautiful central-Salisbury garden, where we got to say goodbye to our wonderful 4th years as their last teaching weekend came to an end.  They have worked hard and learned a huge amount about homeopathy, themselves and each other over the many teaching weekends spent together. They have a little more to do to finish off before they graduate next year.  We’re looking forward to the graduation and seeing them again soon at our busy programme of beginner and advanced events for both homeopaths and non-homeopaths which start again in September (see our talks page to register for our email list)

We celebrated our last weekend with a ‘Desert Island Discs’ afternoon where all years worked together to present chosen remedies with great humour and passion. There were songs and even film clips to represent each remedy with some great acting from students being memorably in character as different remedies! A busy weekend with an Open Day and mini-SHC lecture Jul 2016introductory homeopathy course too.

A full programme for next year is already on its way. We start in September with ‘fours’ – our four year licentiate course and our four day ‘Homeopathy at Home’ Course suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge of homeopathy!  We will also be bringing back our one day ‘Introduction to Homeopathy Course’ soon.

Continuing interest prompts extra Open Day

An extra Open Day has been scheduled as interest continues to come in. Feedback from the last one included that there was some surprise that the welcome was so warm and that it didn’t include a pushy sales. To us, this is normal. We are passionate about homeopathy, enjoy the smallness of our college which allows us all to know each other, and genuinely want to help people make the right decision for them. Why not come along?

New research position for SHC lecturer at the Society of Homeopaths

SHC_staff photo_AFOur lecturer, Alison Fixsen RSHom has joined the Research Consultancy team at the Society of Homeopaths. Alison has been developing research interests for some years and is a qualified homeopath with over twenty years of clinical and fifteen years of supervisory experience.  The Society is the main registering body for homeopaths and provides external accreditation for UK homeopathy courses.

Her areas of health and research interests are broad. She has developed ethically approved research bids and projects, conducted mixed-methods research in several healthcare settings, including the NHS, and has written and published in peer-reviewed journals and homeopathy magazines on a wide range of topics related to mental and emotional health, including otitis media, postnatal depression and prescription drug dependence.  In addition to her undergraduate lectures, Alison recently presented a CPD (graduate level) session at Salisbury Homeopathy College  ‘Homeopathy in the age of antibiotic resistance: treating common and resistant infections’.

We are delighted that Alison is able to work in this important area at national level with the Society of Homeopaths.  This is a credit to her professionalism and expertise. Alison is also a part time Senior Lecturer and Disability Tutor in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Westminster, external examiner for the MSc Homeopathy at UCLAN, and senior lecturer for Salisbury Homeopathy College.

On the Drawing Board

These course ideas are taken shape at SHC. If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about it, please register your interest.

  • Pathology Revisited for therapists
  • Reflective practitioner for therapists
  • How shamanic techniques can help in practice (for all therapies), including ‘shamanic supervision’ for therapists
  • Homeopathy for Midwives
  • Health and Wellbeing for All
  • Reiki training
  • Refresher days after Intro to Homeopathy and Homeopathy at Home courses
  • Homeopathy for the antenatal, childbirth and postnatal periods
  • Marketing your practice step by step – a 3 day course over 3 months

Register Interest

Teaching Award for 2015

At the Society of Homeopath’s annual AGM, we were delighted that Suzie could collect the First Place award for Teaching Innovation on our behalf. The news we’d won had come last September and now the third winning certificate can sit proudly with the others.


Courtesy of SOH Journal

Thinking about vaccination

Vaccination is a complex science and making informed choices is a challenge. Whether you are faced with these decisions yourself or whether you work with clients who are, Dr Jayne Donegan’s talk on the Question and Science of vaccination could give you information and time to think. Presented on 6 March as part of our college’s professional development talks, this will appeal to practitioners and parents.


Winter with self-help and homeopathy


 The great author John Steinbek wrote,

           “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

Yet there is sweetness in winter too as described by Edith Sitwell;

           “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

Whatever your views, recognise that our body knows the seasons and a little support is always welcomed.


Simple care for healthy winters

  • Early to bed – this is the time of year to conserve energy so a few early nights a week will pay off in the Spring.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – cold makes muscles contract and forces us to pass urine more frequently. cold drinks often don’t appeal so keep topped up with hot water and a slice of lemon/lime/orange or drink plenty of herbal teas as caffeine also acts as a diuretic!
  • Changing winds bring damp or dryness; keep wrapped up and wear a hat to ward off the cold, dry chill from the northerlies and easterlies.



Consider consulting a homeopath for support with minor ailments or to review your health and treatment options.



SHC lecturer and researcher Ali Fixsen has successful Conference year in 2015

2015 has been a busy year for me as a researcher and conference presenter!  In June I was invited to present a poster at the HRI conference in Rome on Homeopathy as an alternative to antibiotics for otitis media. The conference was an exciting and dynamic event, and gave a great overview of current research happening in the homeopathic community. In contrast, the November Euroscicon conference, “Antibiotic resistance and antibiotic alternatives: Looking towards the future”, brought together international researchers from a spectrum of medical fields. I am pleased to say that my presentation “Should homoeopathy be considered as part of a treatment strategy for otitis media/OME?” was well received and led to by some interesting questions and discussion around the topic.

The conference highlight for me was a trip to Oslo as a guest speaker at the Norwegian Homeopathy Research Convention. Our hosts treated us royally, the city impressed us with its fabulous architecture and sculpture, while the spectacle of a huge red moon during the lunar eclipse was a sight to behold!

Finally I have been continuing my post- doctoral thesis on the emotional life of organisations, and in August I presented a paper on work to date at the European Sociological Association in Prague.  My paper ‘Interaction Rituals and Jumbled Emotions Among “Relative Strangers: Simulated Patient Work on a Trainee Complementary Therapy Practitioner Program’ can be accessed at


Ali Fixsen teaches at Salisbury Homeopathy College and supervises a number of students with their cases.