Changing seasons, time for new adventures

Autumn is here

Autumn is here

It’s a bright sky-blue day and the sun is already moving on a lower pathway – I am squinting into the sun as I drive to my practice office this morning. The colours of autumn are starting to show. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we witness this change.  The colours always strike us afresh.  This makes me ponder the nature of change itself and are we like the trees?

I mean, this equinox sets us up for the next big season, winter.  It’s a gradual introduction as the day length shortens and the temperature cools.  At our latitude this takes a while, we adapt slowly to the idea of winter.  One patient said to me this week that she couldn’t bring herself to wear jeans instead of shorts.  What’s your tell-tale sign of adaptation?  Mine is definitely socks.  Oh, how I want to not be bothered with the wretched things, bought in pairs but never to be matched again once washed!  But my little rebellion to a summer gone and the thought that a whole nine months has to pass before the real warmth returns is short lived

Pesky socks - my own adaptation to autumn

Pesky socks – my own adaptation to autumn

The glimpses of oranges, crimsons and ochres compensate for my churlishness.  A cosy feeling begins to creep in – looking forward to longer evenings when I can get down to some proper reading.  Some homeopathy books just didn’t quite make it on to my holiday reading list! I don’t have a real fire, but the idea of a few hours to indulge in tracking down ideas and writing up notes is not only appealing but more do-able.  No siren from the garden calling out to ‘look at me’.

Like the trees we can change our colours too, begin fresh projects and carry the actual growth from summer into our winter as inner growth.  New information, inspiration awaits you here.  There is still time to join us in our transformational journeys, travelling vast continents of our own possibilities.  It’s not too late to see your colours change and sew your seeds of new growth.

Our new course for first years doesn’t start until October 14th – there is still time to find out more, or even visit us on the first day of term.  The course is part-time, flexible and we have one-to-one tutor sessions to help you to get the most from your learning, whatever your previous experience and whatever you are currently juggling in life.  No matter how busy you feel you are now, or the changes that are taking place for you at present, maybe you are called to learn more about natural health, well-being and homeopathy.  Why not take a first step to find out if this could be the start of a new change, perfect for you.  We would love to meet you.

Annie x

Annie Batchelor, RSHom, Salisbury Homeopathy College Principal

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