When determination, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge come together, there can be no other outcome than positive. This is what took place in 1999 as Annie Batchelor, our principal, was offered the opportunity to take on a small yet vibrant homeopathy course in Salisbury. Annie, who had many years’ experience in both the practice and teaching of homeopathy, as well as prior educational experience in secondary education, made a clear decision to create a programme of excellence in homeopathic education.

The existing students at the time of the takeover in 1999 achieved their registration with The Society of Homeopaths within three years. As the college had not, at that time, completed the accreditation process, these students were required to sit The Society of Homeopaths’ examinations which were notoriously difficult and demanding.  These, the first of our graduates, were highly praised by The Society of Homeopaths and the course was congratulated on its thoroughness. In 2001 the college recruited its first cohort of ‘pure-blood’ SHC students who graduated in 2005. In the meantime, and together with her team, which included Alison Fixsen and Lulu Badger, Annie embarked on the five year accreditation process with The Society of Homeopaths, a stringent and rigorous exploration of the college programme and administration process, which was duly awarded without any hesitation in 2004. Alison and Lulu have since stood down from being involved in the running of the college.

The college won the SOH award for Innovative training in 2012, were runner’s up in 2013, joint winners in 2014 and winners again in 2015. The college programme was reassessed in 2011 as part of its commitment to SOH and its high standards of education. The new standards included attainment at Higher Education level 6 and the SHC programme was assessed as meeting all criteria. It was assessed again in 2016 as part of the five-year review and passed again.

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