Homeopathy at Home – you too could be hooked!

One enthusiastic new student emailed this morning, saying, “Thank you all for a brilliant weekend – I am well and truly hooked!”.  Another told us that she loved the different lecturers as each had their own way of teaching and the collective knowledge of all of them was immense.

They were talking about this weekend. It was our first four day Homeopathy at Home course of the academic year which was great fun – and there are more of these in the pipeline (see below). We had lovely students from many different locations and from many different backgrounds all with one thing in common – a desire to find out more about homeopathy so they can use it with their friends and family.

The four day course is themed around the seasons of the year, and introduces 42 different remedies and what ailments they can be used for. It covers how to give remedies, when to repeat them and what to do next, and is designed to be fun and interactive. The teaching this weekend came from four experienced homeopaths – all with unique styles to appeal to many different learning styles.

Carmen Adamou, one lecturer, said she really enjoyed teaching the students, “I could see a few light bulbs going on or, as Oprah says, a few ‘aha moments’ about understanding health and disease from a different perspective”.

If you’d like to do this course it’s not too late.  We’ll be running another course early 2016, and there are one day courses planned if you’d like a taster before then. Just contact us to tell us you’re interested so we can let you know the dates as they become available.

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