Learning more

  • Used homeopathy? Read about it? Want to know more?
  • Maybe you’ve already attended an introductory course or used remedies at home.
  • Find out more about this natural, sustainable ‘green’ form of medicine in greater depth.


  • You will be
    • enabled to look after yourself, friends and family
    • guided through how to observe accurately
    • able to find remedies from your own observations and guided questions
    • able to make records and keep your notes in a systematic way
    • kept safe by developing an awareness of serious situations
    • Able to appreciate how we get sick and how to maintain our wellbeing
  • Our experienced and passionate teachers will give you the right start, whilst you meet other like-minded people on your journey.
  • Comprehensive course notes are provided.



  • The full course is run over four days, it may run as be two weekends or four days over four weeks.  Currently part of this course is running as a two day ‘Beginning Homeopathy Course’ with a full ‘Advanced Homeopathy Course’ to follow later in the year.
  • Attendance on the One Day Introductory is preferable.





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