Homeopathy for Beginners

Beginning HomeopathySaturday – Sunday 23-24 September 9.30am – 5.30pm. This two day beginners course is perfect to learn how to use homeopathy at home for friends and family.  You will learn about the principles of homeopathy – from ‘like cures like’ to the ‘minimum dose’ which will tell you how to use homeopathy most effectively.  There is time to do hands on, practical exercises, learning how to ‘take a case’ and record your findings, make the best use of books to help out.  And immerse yourself in some of the 42 remedies we teach across this course and it’s follow up ‘advanced course’ (for those who get the homeopathy ‘bug’!).

Held at our teaching location in Salisbury. You are welcome to arrive from 9.15am.  The course is taught by our teaching team at our Award Winning College.  There is a course handbook (included) as well as refreshments, and time to eat a packed lunch or sample the delights of Salisbury.

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