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Have you considered training for a rewarding career, working one to one with clients as a homeopath?  Come and learn, be inspired and share our passion for a role that makes a big difference to people’s lives, giving you satisfaction with the flexibility of being your own boss.  At Salisbury Homeopathy College we know how to set you up for your future as a successful therapist, homeopath and business owner with practical, innovative lectures and bespoke tutorials.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Train for a rewarding, meaningful and caring career with great job satisfaction
  • Make a difference and empower people to live a life with greater freedom through better health
  • Work with one-to-one people with variety in your day to day working life
  • A clear, professional training at HE6 equivalent level from passionate experts on a vocationally designed programme
  • Integrated programme includes the science of anatomy and physiology (the healthy body), pathophysiology (the development of disease) taught together with homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (the remedies)
  • Unique ‘phases of life’ teaching approach enables a contextual appreciation of meeting the challenges of real patients
  • Unique tutor based learning support focused on your individual learning
  • Step by step, thorough and grounded education in homeopathy
  • Staged clinical development practitioner modules run throughout the four years
  • A professional practitioner course developed by educationalists, professional homeopaths, research fellows and successful business men and women following education best practiceBeginning Homeopathy
  • A flexible and supportive training programme, with innovative learning and assignments which include multi-media approaches
  • Excellent access to staff and personalised feedback
  • Meet like minded people and develop your professional network for life
  • Recognised by the Society of Homeopaths

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  • 10 weekends per year attendance in Salisbury over four years
  • Guided course work 10-20 hours per week (depending on year of study)
  • Regular one to one tutorials
  • Assessment using a range of methods including multi-media, academic, verbal
  • Access to teaching clinic additionally through the year
  • Extra tutorials always available
  • Small classes enable you to interact easily
  • Small, intimate college with shared learning activities across year groups and great peer support
  • Social events arranged throughout the year
  • Fees and dates

Course requirements:

  • Education to A level standard or equivalent
  • Your life experience and achievements can be taken into consideration in lieu of formal qualifications. Returners to study are welcome and supported.
  • Confidence in spoken and written English is essential.
  • Basic computer skills/word
  • Willingness to be self motivated with suitable study time, space and organisation
  • Attendance at one day ‘Introduction to Homeopathy’ or four day ‘Homeopathy at Home’ not essential but highly recommended

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