Our team of staff at SHC have been carefully chosen over the years to reflect the needs of our students and the profession as a whole.  Each and every member of our team is dedicated to the forwarding of Classical Homeopathy and, whilst we encourage our staff to remain conversant in the non-classical methodologies within homeopathy, we believe that the best grounding a student can gain in the subject is by understanding its original beginnings and through the plethora of evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of classical homeopathic philosophy.

Our staff remain involved with peer supervision, take advantage of regular opportunities in continuing professional development, maintain their awareness of current educational guidelines and aim to protect and forward the profession of homeopathy at all times.Here is what our team have to say about homeopathy and its education:

SHC_staff photo_ABAnnie Batchelor RS Hom: Principal, Head of Clinical Education and Head of Philosophy

“My personal discovery of homeopathy was more of a realisation that here was a philosophy that felt kind to people and benign to the planet. I had been a passionate organic gardener and then a smallholder and saw how my animals reacted to homeopathy too. Compassion informs everything I do, and homeopathic teaching is a central part of my personal philosophy and what I want for the world. My view of what we do is that in small ways we have a large effect, and in a nutshell that’s homeopathy!”

Annie had a background in language and literature before discovering homeopathy.  After her initial Licentiateship in homeopathy she continued and was awarded the masters equivalent for her contribution.  Setting up her practice in Cornwall she also ran a smallholding and recognised the impact on animal health immediately.

After being asked to write the curriculum and tutor for The College of Homeopathy (SW) Annie went on to work for other schools as a consultant and adviser.  She represents all courses on the Educating Steering committee for The Society of Homeopaths and has been active in raising standards of delivery and programme direction.

Annie has presented at CPD groups and has contributed to reports informing the development of homeopathic education.  She is also a founder member of Homeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) teaching farmers the responsible use of homeopathy on the farm.

As a senior lecturer Annie has responsibility for developing the curriculum at SHC and staff training.  She is a passionate and innovative and inspiring teacher.



SHC_staff photo_SWSue Weeks RS Hom: Head of Clinics

“The study of Homeopathy is an essential part of its progress into the 21st Century. As homeopaths it is our responsibility to expose homeopathy and it value to our community.”

Sue has a particular interest in personal development and clinical education.  She first became interested in Homeopathy over 20 years ago when breeding and showing cavalier King Charles spaniels.  Meeting homeopathic vet, Christopher Day, and observing the results on her animals convinced her of the efficacy of homeopathic treatment.  Sue graduated from Salisbury Homeopathy College in 2003 and now has a busy practice on the outskirts of the New Forest.


SHC_staff photo_JDJackie Dawson MSHC: Head of Professional Development, Manager

“In all areas of our life we relate to people yet the professional relationship between a homeopath and a patient can be a profound one. This is where homeopathic treatment starts, when two people meet and navigate their way through an exploration of the dis-ease of the patient. Each consultation unique, each patient unique, each homeopath unique, each treatment unique. As it should be. And the education of this has to be a mix of framework and flexibility; standards and uniqueness.”

Jackie left computers and management behind after 20 years and trained as a homeopath with Salisbury Homeopathy College.  Having chosen to stop practising after a number of years, she continues to tutor and teach professional development at SHC. Her understanding of processes and problem solving skills are all used in running the organisational aspects of the college. Seven years as an Ambulance Community Responder broadened her understanding of people and their contexts. In her spare time she volunteers as a manager in Scouting.


SHC_staff photo_CACarmen Adamou RS Hom: Lecturer

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein. “This is exactly what homeopathy does for me.”

Carmen is a lecturer at the college, who become passionate about homeopathy over 17 years ago when seeing the results first-hand with her children. She picked up a copy of Miranda Castro’s Mother and Baby book and quickly became hooked. She trained as an RSHom and graduated in 2007.

She now runs a busy family practice in Witney and in Oxford supporting the whole family. Carmen has been attending the summer post-graduate international course with Professor Vithoulkas in Greece for the past 6 years. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two teenage girls and has an interest in mind body medicine.              Carmen’s practice


SHC_staff photo_JSJoanna Shipley RS Hom: Lecturer

After experiencing a dramatic improvement in health through homeopathy whilst she was serving in the army, Joanna decided to change her career. She trained full-time in Integrated Health: Homeopathy at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2005 with a first class honours degree.  Joanna has undertaken many postgraduate courses, including a Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Medicine, the Orion Postgraduate Course and is currently undertaking the 2 year IACH e-learning diploma with Professor George Vithoulkas.  She is also a certified CEASE Therapist.  Joanna has a background in teaching, with the military, and is also qualified as an NCT antenatal teacher.  She has set up many practices as she has moved around the UK, and currently runs clinics in Shrivenham and Highworth. Joanna lives in Wiltshire with her husband and two children.                 Joanna’s practice



SHC_staff photo_AFAlison Fixsen RS Hom: Regular lecturer

“Homeopathy is part of how I see the world, view health and live my life. As a teacher there is nothing more fulfilling that seeing students blossoming into confident, competent and caring practitioners.”

Alison is a founder member of the college, and a Lecturer, researcher and author. She has been a qualified homeopath for over twenty years, and is also a qualified natural nutritionist, an ILM coach and trainee CPCAB counsellor. She has published in peer- reviewed journals and is an international conference speaker. Alison is passionate about maintaining high standards within the homeopathic profession and is currently studying part time for a Professional Doctorate in Education. Alison runs a family practice with her husband Chris in Heddington and Chippenham, Wiltshire.                                   Alison’s practice


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