What students say

The list below has been collated from end of year feedback from students and from examiner reports. They are the opinion of each individual person.


“If you wish to embark on a course with a view to a professional qualification which will afford you with sound knowledge and credibility to become a competent practitioner then this is the college/course to join.”    Student feedback

“The procedures within the college are effective at assessing the standard attained by students. The content of the course is excellent and it is clearly evident how it prepares students for working as professional homeopaths.”    External examiner

“…the learning has been carefully thought through – the foundations seem to have been given in the first two years and then these are built on in the third year – and everything seems to be more clear – the pieces of the puzzle all seem to fit together now.”    Student feedback

“I loved my time at SHC. It was just great being around like-minded people and making that journey in a really supportive place.”  Student feedback – Miranda, May 2015

“Your documentation is of a very high standard and makes it easy to understand … and what your expectations of the students are.”    Student feedback

“This course leads you from the beginning and has left me very comfortable with myself as a homeopath going out into the world to practice”  Student feedback

“I feel very supported in starting to practice … I feel ready to go forth with my current level of understanding and ability.”  Student feedback

“Another strength is the level of teaching and dedication of the staff.”    Student feedback

“A major strength of the course is the diversity of the lecturers; each one with their own style of teaching. I feel this is important as different students will resonate with different styles of teaching and therefore have the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability. All the lecturers share the quality of being inspirational, bringing their own stories and experiences into their teaching.”   Student feedback

“Your strengths as a course provider, apart from the excellent academic standards which are constantly maintained, … has to be the outstanding personal support I have received as an individual. In my darkest hour all the tutors without exception, were incredibly understanding and supportive.”    Student feedback

“The quality of the teaching is excellent, there is plenty of space for individuality …  I believe the college holds a perfect balance between allowing the individual to develop within an environment that keeps the experience safe.”    Student feedback

“I think the idea of studying child development in this way is very good, by linking emotional, physical, mental development to homeopathic philosophy.”    Student feedback

“Whether a student goes on to become a homeopath or not, this course teaches so much more about life and developing as an individual. I would recommend it to anyone committed to themselves and wanting to learn and open their minds to new things.”   Student feedback

“This year has impacted so greatly on me, changing the way I view everything, objects, people, strength, weakness, the list is endless. I feel that there has been more inspiring information learnt this year than equals the other 40 … odd years, absolutely life changing. I would describe it as inspirational people at the helm.”   Student feedback

“The level of the course is very high and that implies a lot of personal work but at the same time I feel this is giving me a great basis for my professional life/standard.”    Student feedback

“I think it’s really good the amount of philosophy that you get in year 1, it gives you a solid basis to learn everything else on.”    Student feedback

“The college’s greatest asset is the grounded, classical teachings, the philosophy, order and professionalism.”    Student feedback


“The “life phases” is an element of the timetable that I had not seen at my previous college and that gives each student the opportunity to see the world as patients would at specific times of their lives.  It helps us all to see what issues different generations may have, and we are all encouraged to consider how these will change as years go by.  This is not something to learn verbatim, but a lesson in how to consider how life will affect people at different stages, and this is something that will need to be continued when I am fully trained.”  Student feedback

“Finally there are the tutors at Salisbury, who I have found to be committed and keen to assist their students to achieve their best.  When I changed colleges there was a comprehensive review of my previous work and areas where I may need additional assistance were identified.  My tutor has been available for us throughout the year and is keen to speak to us during the month to help to assist where homework becomes difficult or life simply just gets in the way.  It’s good to know that the support is there for you.”  Student feedback

“The biggest strength of this college is the people and their commitment to both the college and students.  Salisbury Homeopathy College is about making the best Homeopaths out of all students, I know that I will be a better Homeopath as a result of joining them”.  Student feedback


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